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A Third Party Autoresponder Review


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In this post I take a look at a website designed to give information on email autoresponders and their features and comparisons between major vendors on the market today.

Our story begins with the realisation that there is a lack of websites that provide an autoresponder review and identifying a need for one due to the popularity of the autoresoponder software.

Email autoresponders should be a part of any business’s marketing design as email marketing has proven to be one of the most successful and popular platforms on the internet today.

The design and strategy of the website at a high level focuses on providing information about autoresponders and reviews of the three top main players in that market space, being GetResponse, AWeber, and iContact.

As a marketing tool, these three software products have a common theme – design. It is crucial for the email marketing campaigns to be well designed, and not only at the campaign level but also down to the email itself and it’s layout design. Thus, it is important for the software vendors of these products to focus on making design easy for the user.

All three products include email design templates which have been designed professionally and can be used as is or as a starting point to then be customised to the requirements of the user. Note the importance of the use of the word “design” here. The design has been well thought out resulting in a professional email template designed to get maximum response.

An autoresponder review involves looking at the product and its features and discussing the product functionality in a language that is easily followed by readers.

The points I have discussed already are all taken into consideration when designing such a website. The design is well thought out and the plan for the website then develops.

Third Party Autoresponder also provides tips and ideas on how to effectively use an autoresponder. This adds value to the visitor which is something they can take away and put into practice. This was also considered in the original design.

The website attracts visitors by placing well in the search results when people are searching for autoresponder reviews and other related search terms. Links to the website from other relevant and related websites have also been created to generate traffic and website visitors.

The aesthetics of the website has also been very well designed. Featuring a clean and clear design, without too many colours and distractions, the visitor can consume the content with ease. Navigation is very easy with clear menus and a simple menu/page structure. For those visitors wishing to pursue more information on an individual product, links to the software vendor’s website have been conveniently placed.

In summary, I give the design of this website a thumbs up for presenting an autoresponder review in a thorough, easy-to-use manner. The website with it’s front-end and back-end features has been well designed which is evident in the end result.