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Looking after your Gutters

The most important investment for most people will make is buying a property. However that initial investment is only the beginning. Maintenance is a huge part of maintaining the value and function of your home. One of these is very simple and that is washing and cleaning the guttering. Failure to get this done frequently could affect the structural integrity of your eaves and could potentially lead to cause water damage that can be incredibly costly.

gutter cleaning

The longer you leave this job the harder it can become as more debris builds up, this can also lead to more damage. We personally recommend at least once a year but more than that would be even better. If you get a very large storm it is also a good idea clear them out. If you leave an excessive amount of debris such as leaves and sticks in your gutters it can lead to a host of problems including the potential of water flowing back into your home or gamage to the gutters themselves. You can find a range of different tools at your local hardware shop or you can find the online too. I personally use a scupper on the end of a pole to make the job as easy as possible. Another thing to consider are a good pair of gloves and a good spare of not slip shoes or boots. I also think a leaf blower can be very handy. Make sure you have a good ladder and practice ladder safety, it might be tempting to climb on the roof instead of simply repositioning a ladder, however, this can be very dangerous, take your time and reposition the ladder when necessary. Don’t overextend yourself. If you cannot reach an area of gutter without leaning away from the ladder then it’s a chance to move the ladder. Always make certain the surface under the ladder legs is firm and therefore the ladder is placed firmly. Tie the ladder down if you need to.

To reduce the work load of this job you can always look at alternatives such as gutter guard. Most roof companies such as Roof Restoration Narre Warren also offer this service.