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Looking At The Different Types Of Epoxy Floors

When someone talks about epoxy floors, what they’re actually referring to is the epoxy floor covering. This puts a beautiful protective cover/sheen over an existing floor and when a professional intelligently combines the right flooring with the right epoxy finish the final product is nothing short of amazing.

Very General Overview
When it comes to Epoxy floor paint there are three “types” or styles of epoxy flooring, but it is important to recognize that within each group there will be multiple options. In this case there are the solvent-based epoxy paint, the water-based epoxy paint, and the 100% solid epoxy coating. The third has really picked up as a popular choice because it is incredibly durable and most professional floor guys have a favorite solid epoxy coating they rely on.

Looking At Epoxy Floor Styles
What type of floor do you want to see? The graveled epoxy coatings are considered very decorative and are normally used when dealing with a section of floor where logos, brand marks, or an area that you want to stand out in a special way. This is a great option for those decorative situations.

Self-Leveling Coatings
Self-leveling epoxy floors is all about creating that smooth and seamless transition that looks like incredibly expensive materials but actually aren’t. This is a popular option for kitchen floors, but also shows off its versatility with other common use areas including garages, warehouses, and even office buildings. There aren’t many other finishes that can claim that.

Epoxy Terrazzo Coatings
This is a more heavy duty instillation that is often compared to cement work. This is a more in-depth process that really involves building the entire floor at once and is often the epoxy option of choice when it comes to creating new floors, patios, or even walkways.

Looking to Keep Out Moisture?
While in many cases virtually any type of epoxy flooring will definitely help with this, there is an epoxy coating known as vapor barrier that is specifically made for this. If you go with a vapor barrier epoxy coating that will help stop moisture and wetness from affecting any surface in an area whether flooring or walls. This is part of the reason this is often a popular choice when working on the basement.

As you can see, there are plenty of options when it comes to epoxy flooring and by knowing these options you will be more likely to get the right setup for you.

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