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Marketing and Lead Generation Strategies of Roof Restoration Newcastle

Roof Restoration Newcastle LogoLocal business have a unique challenge when it comes to marketing design and strategy. They bear challenges that large business and brands do not need to worry about. These challenges include brand awareness, competition, and market share. Local business Roof Restoration Newcastle is no exception.

Offering services such as roof replacements, roof restorations, roof cleaning, roof painting, new roofs and re-roofs, the business is important and necessary for most home and building owners. However, the challenges faced by the organisation include (but is not limited to) making itself found among its target market above all the other roofing companies competing for the same market share.

The major marketing channel of course is the internet, and making itself found when customer searches are performed.

The Roof Restoration Newcastle website was elected as the primary method of marketing for the organisation and has been strategically designed to maximise the potential of the internet. We all know the importance of being found in Google and our subject is no different.

The design process of the website included research on the market and how they would use search engines to find the services offered by our organisation. Search phrases and services offered were then married up and the design of content followed. For example, if the search phrase roof replacement Newcastle is used, a page discussing roof replacements and providing information for the public was designed. The design intent is to match user requests with relevant information.

The aesthetics of the website design included creating clear and relevant content, not crowded but easy to read and use of relevant headings makes it easy for the visitor to find information they are after.

A major element of the design included the placement of the organisation’s phone number. It has been used many times throughout the site, and is prominent on every page in the top right hand corner. It features click to call functionality that allows mobile users to click on the phone number to initiate a phone call. The design logic for this is simple – to make it as easy as possible for the visitor to initiate communication with the company.

The marketing strategy design is backed up with the use of local business listings. These listings are the modern day’s yellow pages and is unfortunately a necessity for today’s small/local businesses. I say unfortunately because many small business owners don’t realise this (as they are not internet savvy) and miss potential business by not being listed in local directories.

Local directories are a must for our roofing company as they support the internet presence of the organisation. More visibility on the internet will result in more visitors to the website resulting in more leads or phone calls.

Back to search phrases for a minute. In case you were wondering, other search phrases that the research discovered include;

  • roof restoration Newcastle
  • roof replacement Newcastle
  • roof cleaning Newcastle
  • roof painting Newcastle
  • roof repairs
  • new roof / re-roof
  • gutter repairs
  • gutter installation
  • and more.

A limit of 10 search phrases was set to prevent the project from taking a very long time to complete.

In Summary

Once the design was completed and the website was built and implemented, work was carried out on getting the website listed in local directories. This was followed by an ongoing review and measure process that involves continual refinement of the marketing strategy to optimise the number of leads that are generated by the campaign.