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Slate Roofing – Is It Worth It?

Slate Roofing Sydney

A slate roof is one of the most prestigious roofs as far as roofs go. There are many benefits from a slate roof, however there are drawbacks as well with one major disadvantage that is stand out by far the worst – cost. Slate roofing can be very expensive and is one of the most expensive types of roof material available. Because of this, it’s worth assessing all types of roofing materials to determine the best type for you and your house. This article discusses some advantages and disadvantages of slate roofing.

Slate Roofing Sydney provides slate roofing services to the Sydney region. It is important to note that roofers who work on normal roofing, e.g. metal roofs and concrete tiled roofs, can’t normally work on slate roofs unless they have the correct tooling and experience with slate. Slate roofs require different tools and techniques when being worked on.

Two of the advantages of slate roofing is that it is extremely durable and it looks great. If you compare a slate roof with a normal tiled roof, see which roof looks better to you – no doubt you will be more impressed with the slate roof. Because a slate roof comes from natural rock, it looks great and the colours are natural as well. In addition to it’s great looks, slate roofs are really long lasting. This is one reason why slate roofing is more expensive than other roofing. A slate roof will outlast other types of roofs by years and years – in fact it is expected that a slate roof would outlast the building it is installed on and actually last anywhere up to 150 years.

Apart from their great looks and durability, slate roofs insulate extremely well due to their natural properties. This ultimately will have your home feeling naturally comfortable all year round. In addition, can save you on energy costs with cooling and heating.

Slate roofs are also fireproof which will assist preventing your home from fires during bushfire season. Fires in the Sydney region are not unheard and in when they occur the can be quite severe. Note though that you still need to haveĀ  adequate fire prevention strategies in place if you are in a fire prone area.

As mentioned previously, the biggest disadvantage to slate roofs are their cost. Compared to other types of roofing materials, slate roofs are hugely expensive. However, also as mentioned, they are very durable so if you’re planning on living to 150 years old and want a roof to last with you, then slate roofing is the way to go.

Finding skilled slate roofers can also be difficult. Not every roofer is skilled and experienced with slate roofs which means finding a reputable slate roofer difficult. Enter Slate Roofing Sydney who only work with slate roofs in and are very experienced with slate roofs.

Another disadvantage to slate tiles is that they are very heavy. This means that the supporting roof structure needs to be reinforced specifically to carry the huge weight of a slate roof. Again, this adds to the cost of installing a slate roof.

At the end of the day though, you cannot ignore the significant beauty of a slate roof and if you can afford the cost then it will maybe worth it.