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Understanding How A Smoke Detector Works

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Having a smoke detector in your home is critical for ensuring that if a fire does occur that you will be alerted of it as soon as possible. Those that have a working detector are significantly less likely to be injured or killed in a fire when compared to those that do not. Making sure that your smoke detector is working properly on a regular basis should be a priority as it will possibly save your life if the unexpected were to occur.

Chances are that you are fully aware of just how important these are when it comes to protecting yourself and your family, yet do not understand how it is that they work. If you have one in your home you likely have experienced it going off simply due to smoke from cooking, but how it knows that there is smoke present is likely a mystery to you. Unless you work in the field of fire prevention and protection it is only natural that you would not understand the means that a detector is able to recognise that there is smoke in the room.

The way that it works is actually rather simple, even though it can sound complicated. In most detectors there are two metal plates that are radioactive. They sit inside the device across from each other and send charged energy to each other. In normal circumstances this energy flows freely and ionizes the air that passes through. This leads to the device not going off.

However, when there is smoke in the air the situation changes. The smoke makes the plates unable to connect. When there is a high enough disruption in the connection the alarm will begin to go off. As you likely know, there really does not need to be that much smoke for this to occur. This is set this way so that those in the residence or business have ample warning that they need to evacuate the presence.

Thanks to the hard work of a number of scientists there have been smoke detectors available since the late 1890s. There is no doubt that since its invention millions of lives have been saved. With how affordable they are these days there really is no reason to not have one in your home. The most basic versions can be purchased for less than ten dollars and are just as effective as fancier models. Not having a working device in your home will surely lead to a great deal of guilt if the worse were to occur, especially if someone in your home is injured or worse.

The way that a smoke detector works is rather simple. This is why they are so affordable to purchase. If you do not have a working detector in your home now is the time to make your purchase. There really is not much worse than experiencing a fire and knowing that there was something that you could have done to prevent the injury or death of someone that you care about.

Now that we have convinced you to get a smoke detector fitted, the best way to install one is to have a suitable electrician install one for you. If you are in the Geelong area or surrounding suburbs, we highly recommend Electrician Geelong who’s work is fantastic. They will service Geelong and surrounding suburbs and provide all the services you would expect from an electrician.