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JaysonDesign.Net LogoFounded in 2016, our website is a new site created for the purpose of discussing and sharing all things designs. Using our analytical side of the brain, we take any subject and discuss the design strategies and design concepts behind it.

My name is Jayson, and welcome to this place on the world wide web. Join me in my design discussions on a variety of topics; anything from web design through to local business marketing strategy design, online business designs and much much more.

All my posts are are my opinion only and nothing here should be taken as fact (unless you agree with my opinion). As in the real world, you are welcome to disagree or comment on my opinions and please do so – head on over to the contact page to get in touch.

Some Thoughts On Design

Nearly everything in our world that has been created by man has begun as an idea or a concept in somebody’s mind. From there, the idea is nurtured and grown until a more solid plan is established. Then, comes the design. Before our idea can be built or created, a design needs to be created first. In theory.

We have learnt that without design, construction (here I am not only referring to building construction but using the term loosely to describe the creation of our idea) without errors is near impossible.

So we developed the design concept – a method by which we can eliminate as many errors as possible that would be expensive and time consuming to correct. Design also helps us to have a clear picture of the final concept or idea which may not be as attractive as it was originally.

Another advantage of the design process is that research into the concept or idea is typically necessary. Research will reveal any flaws in the plan before things progress too far and it becomes difficult to abandon or abort the concept.

The more time and resources put into design, the better the final product will be. Usually. Chances of errors or mistakes are usually reduced along with a well done design.

Humans began designing as far back as the ancient Egyptians when they would decorate their temples with hieroglyphics. Prior to engraving the stone, which is obviously very hard to rectify should an error occur, the symbolic representation of their times were drafted with paint, pending approval from the King at the time.