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Cleaning your roof tiles

Roof-CleaningSynthetic, metal, and concrete roof tiles are made to last for approximately 50 years. Clay roof tiles have the potential to last for even longer but wear and tear can lower the life-span and longevity of your respective roof tiles. Regular cleaning not only helps to identify any damage in a timely manner it also stops the build up of moss and lichens and helps reduce any mildew.

Scheduled maintenance which should include cleaning is a great way to not only keep your home looking great but too increase the longevity of the tiles themselves.

Some of these practices include:

Start with a power/pressure light wash.  For this you will want to use a strong powerful gernie. Use the pressure washer to clean the surface of the roof, this will eliminate the debris and visible dirt, including twigs, dead insects and leaves. Work your way from the ridge line moving downwards towards your gutters. Do this first and then let the roof dry completely.

Now you can use a chemical treatment. Ask at your local hardware store for the recommended chemicals for your area. This will help to kill any left-over moss and stop it from coming back. For this you can use a pressure sprayer. Let the chemicals fully absorb into the tiles and let stand for some time.

Now you need to use a power/pressure heavy wash. This rinsing process is generally the more strenuous step of cleaning a tile roof. Use strong pressure to take out stubborn stains and dirt. Start at the very top moving down your roof.

Finish off by cleaning down your gutters. You will find that a large amount of debris will end up on and around your gutters. Make sure that you clean your gutters from a ladder as it is far safer than doing it from the roof.

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